Simon Goldin

Not Quite Simon van Goldin

In the latest chapter (Chapter 7 - Perceiving Spaces, for those following along), I was instructed to, at least at first, draw only the negative spaces. Drawing a chair was a new challange and I found myself drawing the horizontal bars more than I should have ("are the two bars the same width?" etc). Presumably because the bars were going away from me, and I was at times stuck on them, the angles in the negative spaces were sometimes difficult to determine. As such, my sketch came out a bit uneven. Take a look:
chair comparison

Also, I Gimped up an overlay to see where the picture plane drawing and pencil sketch differ.
chair overlay

I did not get the chance to re-do my hand/quarter sketch and now I also want to re-sketch this chair. I will try to make time! Thanks for reading.