Simon Goldin

An Experiment in Sharpie

I realized that I am too reliant on having the ability to erase any mistakes I have made with a pencil, so I decided to do something new, something on the other side of that spectrum, where every mistake and irregularity is obvious and - for me, for now - unavoidable. I also wanted this to be a quick exercise since I haven't tried this before, and I was unsure about what I would do wrong, do right, and what I would learn.

Space Needle Sharpie Drawing

Right: The shapes were easy enough to reproduce. Wrong: I did not follow some lines (specifically the supports at the bottom) correctly and made some small mistakes. Learned: Perhaps this is obvious for some, but the speed of the sharpie dictated the opacity more than the pressure did. This was hard to keep under control for the lighter background section.

This was sketched from a photograph I took in Seattle when I was there in March:

Space Needle Photo